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Brian served as a U.S. Marine from July 7th, 1975 through February 1st, 1996. Brian is currently working at Taylor Diesel of Lubbock in the sales and customer service department. He also has two part time businesses. The first, for ACN, a worldwide essential services company, providing services such as wireless, high speed internet, television, gas, and electricity. He also is an Independent Business Owner for Market America, an online shopping mall. Brian’s websites are;  http://brianrayburn.acnibo.com / www.shop.com/brayburn .

Brian’s memories of his service are vast. In his words; “The camaraderie is what I miss the most. I would say my proudest moment was when I was selected for Warrant Officer. The transition from enlisted ranks to Officer wasn’t easy. Everyone suddenly became afraid of fraternization. One thing is certain, I never forgot where I came from.

Brian’s testimonial about working with us; “Working with them was painless and effortless. Ben Rodriguez went over various plans that best met my needs. He produced numerous training presentations, that explained the Medicare process in detail. The plan I chose offered a discount that is always welcomed. The professionalism of Ben Rodriguez and his staff was exceptional.”

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Michael Pauley served in the US Army from 1978 through 1998. He then served in the South Carolina National Guard from 1998 until 2001. After that, he served 20 more years in the US Army Reserve and US Navy. Michael’s most profound memory of his service is flying Dustoff / MEDEVAC. He currently lives in South Carolina and is a retired Lawyer, Soldier, Sailor, and Science Fiction Writer.

In his own words, Michael chose a Medicare Advantage plan with us because; “Having a Medicare Plan that is bundled through same provider and My Tricare, along with the outstanding service, make this a great fit for me.”

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Patricia Hill served in the US Army for 21 years and 6 months. Her fondest memory of her service was completing her Rites of Passage. She says was a grueling week but helped her grow and build comradery. She currently lives in Virginia and enjoys gardening, reading, and home decorating.

In her own words; “It was a pleasure working with Lonestar Medicare and Medicare For Heroes.  Ben provided quite a bit of information about Medicare/Medicare Advantage Programs.  Especially important to me were plans geared towards Military Retirees and Veterans.  Ben was also very responsive in answering my questions.  Because of all of the information I received, I am confident that I chose the best Medicare Advantage plan to suit my healthcare needs.”

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After 25 years of service in the US Air Force, Robert Wood retired as a Lt. Colonel in 2006. After that he worked for a defense contractor and retired from there in 2017. Robert currently lives in Texas where he enjoys supporting his wife who is a local teacher. He also has plenty of time to keep up the house and yard, which he didn’t before. His fondest memory of his service was last assignment with the 100th Air Refueling Wing, RAF Mildenhall, UK. “I enjoyed the people I worked with and worked for. We had great comradery and sense of teamwork to get the air-refueling mission accomplished.”

In his own words; “Starting Medicare, there seemed to be an overwhelming number of options available. I found an advertisement for Lone Star Medicare / Medicare For Heroes and gave them a call. I talked to Ben Rodriguez and he was very knowledgeable and interested in finding the best Medicare coverage for my personal needs. After he asked me several questions about my personal situation, he recommended the Humana Honor (PPO) Medicare Advantage Plan as the best fit for me. I chose this plan because it covers all of my healthcare needs, most of which were in Network for my current doctors. The Humana Honor plan works with Tricare for Life, which pays any additional costs and co-pays that the Humana Honor plan does not cover. I’m very happy with the Humana Honor (PPO) Medicare Advantage Plan and the outstanding service and assistance I received from Ben Rodriguez and Lone Star Medicare.”

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Michael & Mona Harness both served in the US Air Force. Michael served for 21 years and Mona 14. They met in Yakota Air Force Base in Japan. Michael’s favorite memory is the wonderful airmen he had the pleasure of serving with. They currently live in Texas. Michael enjoys woodworking and fishing. Mona is enjoying quilting and yard work.

In their own words; Having used military medical all my adult life, I had zero knowledge of civilian medical care and the Medicare program. Medicare For Heroes was able to explain everything to me. I chose the Humana plan they recommended for me and have had nothing but good experiences. From dr visits to the otc program,  I highly recommend Humana health care.”

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Harry served in the US Coast Guard for 24 years and 8 months. He was stationed at the Great Lakes, Florida, Louisiana, and finally in Port Arthur, Texas, which is where he met his wife Mada. Regarding his service he says; “One of my proudest accomplishments in the military was performing drug interdiction within the passes of Florida, Cuba and Mexico.”

Harry & Mada currently operate a marine surveying business, which Harry says is supported by the leadership skills he gained in the US Coast Guard. They have 6 children, 9 grandchildren, and enjoy traveling in their RV & boat.

In their own words they chose a Medicare Advantage plan through us because; “It has been a pleasure working with Ben Rodriguez with Lone Star and Medicare For Heroes. Entering into the Medicare system can be overwhelming and he was there to help guide us through the multitude of questions we needed answers to. The Humana Honor Health Plan has helped us save over $100 on our premiums. In fact, our co-pays are less than they were with our military insurance.

It is a PPO program, but we found all our primary care physicians and specialists are In-Network Providers. Being retired military, we have Tri-Care as our secondary plan. We haven’t had to change a thing. We are also taking advantage of the OTC pharmacy program for routinely purchased OTC drugs, such as 81 mg aspirin, vitamins and diabetic needs. Plus we have the added advantage of the hearing, dental and vision benefits that Medicare doesn’t include. This plan is adequately able to help even if you’re not real computer savvy. It is just as easy to handle any insurance business over the phone and the personnel are pleasant and willing to make sure all our needs are met.”

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Neil Houser served in the US Air Force for 20 years. His best memory is Working Heritage Park at England AFB in Alexandria, LA. He was was the Project Manager, in charge of Assembling all the Real Flying Tiger Aircraft and making them ready to Mount on Pedestals. Neil currently lives with his wife Irene in Texas where he works as an IT / Data Analyst. He enjoys golfing and music, which makes sense that he lives near Austin.

Neil and his wife have Tricare For Life and they chose a Medicare Advantage plan with us. In their own words, this is because; “I’ve been working with Ben Rodriguez and Medicare For Heroes for over a year now. We’ve been bombarded with Mail, Email, Social Media about Medicare and supplements. Ben has gone the extra mile to provide Education, and Support. He extremely knowledgeable and friendly. He is certainly 5 stars!”

Neil and Irene