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Medicare Advantage

If you have Medicare and VA, Tricare, or CHAMPVA, you can choose coverage directly through the government (Original) or from a private plan. Medicare Advantage are plans offered by private insurance carriers who are contracted & regulated by the government. Medicare Advantage doesn’t supplement your Medicare, it becomes it. Just like Original Medicare, Medicare Advantage includes Part A coverage for hospitalization and Part B benefits for doctors & outpatient care. In addition to medical coverage, Medicare Advantage typically includes additional benefits for zero cost, which aren’t included with Standard Medicare.


These sections appear in order on this page;

  • Medicare Advantage Benefits
  • Medicare Advantage Vs. Regular Medicare
  • Request Plan Information
  • Medicare Advantage Types & Tips
  • Medicare Advantage FAQ

Medicare Advantage Benefits

Medicare A & B

Just like Original Medicare, Medicare Advantage includes hospital and doctors coverage.

Good Fit For Veterans & Retired Military

Tricare & CHAMPVA supplement Medicare Advantage & will cover medical copays. Advantage can also be a good option for Veterans with VA benefits.

Extra Benefits For Zero Cost

In most cases you’ll get dental, vision, hearing, fitness and other benefits for zero extra cost.

Part B Giveback $

Plans designed for Veterans & Retired Military can include a rebate that lowers your monthly cost of Medicare.

Get More For Less

Medicare Advantage can give you quality medical coverage, additional benefits, and a lower monthly premium. We curate a variety of plans designed for those with Military health benefits. Request information and get details on options available in your zip code.

Medicare Advantage Vs Original Medicare

You have two main choices for your coverage; Medicare Advantage and Original Medicare. The chart below gives you a general comparison of these two options.

Medicare Advantage & Original Medicare General Comparison
FeatureOriginal MedicareMedicare Advantage
Total Monthly Cost$170.10 In 2022$90 – $170.10 In 2022
Part A & B IncludedYesYes
Doctor NetworksNo NetworkYes; PPO & HMO
Pharmacy Benefits IncludedNoOptions with & without
Dental & Vision CoverageNoYes
Hearing Aid BenefitsNo Yes, often included
Fitness / Health ClubNoYes
Medical CostsOriginal MedicareMedicare Advantage
Preventative Exams$0 Deductible / Copay$0 Deductible / Copay
Primary Doctor Visit20% Copay After $233 Annual Deductible$0 Deductible, $0 – $20 Copay
Specialist Visit20% Copay After $233 Annual Deductible$0 Deductible, $35 – $50 Copay
Outpatient Procedure20% Copay After $233 Annual Deductible$250 – $350 Copay, $0 Deductible
Hospital Stay$1556 Deductible First 60 Days, Copays For Day 60 +$300 Copay For First 5 Days, $0 After

Tricare & CHAMPVA can cover the medical deductibles and copays listed above for both Medicare Advantage & Original Medicare.

This table provides estimates and a general comparison of Original Medicare & Medicare Advantage. Benefits & costs vary with different Medicare Advantage plans. Refer to plan specific documents such as the Summary of Benefits. Contact us for details.

Medicare Advantage Providers

We partner with these Medicare Advantage providers, and more, to offer plans to Veterans & Retired Military.


Request Plan & Benefit Information

Specific plans & benefits are based on your county. Fill in the form below or call us at 855.625.7633 (toll free).  We will provide details and recommendations on your best plan options. After we receive your form, we will contact you by the next business day.

Please fill in the form and click submit.

Types Of Medicare Advantage Plans

There are two main types of Medicare Advantage Plans; PPO’s and HMO’s. Both types of plans have networks, which are lists of doctors and medical providers that participate in the plan. The difference between PPO’s and HMO’s lies in the rules for accessing medical care and doctors. There can also be differences in costs and benefits. Here is a side by side comparison of the features of these two types of plans.

PPO Plans

  • Stands for “Preferred Provider Organization.”
  • Plans have a preferred network of doctors but allow you to go out of network, often for higher copays.
  • Networks usually have more doctors and often are nationwide.
  • Network rules do not apply in emergency or urgent care situations. So, you can visit any emergency room or urgent care clinic in these situations.
  • There are no referrals required to see specialist doctors.

HMO Plans

  • Stands for “Health Maintenance Organization.”
  • Plans have a network of doctors that you must use for any scheduled medical care.
  • Networks are often based on a regional area.
  • Network rules do not apply in emergency or urgent care situations. So, you can visit any emergency room or urgent care clinic in these situations.
  • You will usually need a Primary Physician that provides referrals.

Medicare Advantage Tips

VA, Tricare, and CHAMPVA include pharmacy benefits. In rare instances will it benefit you to have an Advantage Plan with drug benefits. Check out Medicare Advantage plans that don’t include them to maximize the value of your plan.

Medicare Advantage plans vary in the quality of their benefits and doctor networks. Compare your options to find a plan that meets your standards and needs.

If you use civilian doctors, check to find out if they are in the network of the plans you are considering.

Get Expert Guidance

We are experts on Medicare Advantage plans designed for Veterans, Retired Military, & their families. We can help make it easier to find a plan that checks all of your boxes and provides your best value.

Medicare Advantage FAQ

How do I sign up for a Medicare Advantage plan? To enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan you must be registered for Medicare A & B. To get information on and enroll in a plan, just call us at 1.855.625.7633. We’ll give you the details and guidance and help you enroll right over the phone.

Will Medicare Advantage and it’s extra benefits cost me more monthly? In most cases no. The nice thing about Medicare Advantage is that you can get extra benefits included, for no extra monthly cost. In fact, in most cases you can get the extra benefits and lower your overall monthly cost (see Part B giveback below.)

What is Part B Giveback? Part B Giveback is a rebate included with certain Advantage plans that lowers your monthly cost of Medicare. So, instead of paying the regular monthly cost of Medicare, you pay less. This can save you hundreds or more dollars per year and doesn’t lower the quality of your coverage.

How does Medicare Advantage provide extra benefits for no extra monthly cost? When you sign up for a Medicare Advantage plan it is provided by a private insurance company and it becomes your Medicare benefits. The government then pays your Medicare Advantage provider a monthly amount to provide you with benefits. The government pays them more than the average. Plus, Insurance providers are already efficient at providing extra benefits (dental, vision, hearing, etc), so they’re able to include them for no extra cost.

Will having Medicare Advantage lower the quality of my coverage or care? No. Medicare Advantage is regulated by the federal government. Medicare Advantage plans provide coverage for medically needed care and treatment. However, the quality of service and doctor / hospital networks can vary with different plans and insurers. So, it’s important to choose a quality provider that meets your individual needs. We can help you determine that.

If I sign up for Medicare Advantage, can I keep my doctors or will I need to change them? For VA and Military doctors, you can continue to see your current doctors.  For private / civilian doctors, in most cases, you will be able to keep seeing them. Medicare Advantage plans have networks, meaning a list of doctors and hospitals that are accept the plan. Some Medicare Advantage plans allow you to go out of network, to any doctor. When evaluating a Medicare Advantage plan, you should check if your doctors and medical providers accept the plan. If you’re working with us, this is something that we will do for you.

When and how can I enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan to get additional benefits? There are two primary periods when you can enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan. 1. When you first start Medicare A & B. 2. During the Annual Open Enrollment period which begins October 15th and lasts through December 7th. To get information and enroll in a plan, simply fill out the form on this page or give us a call at 855.625.7633 toll free.

If I enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan, can I change to another one or go back to regular Medicare? Yes. Each year from October 15th through December 7th, you can change your Medicare Advantage plan to another. Also, from January 1st through March 31st each year, you can dis-enroll from a Medicare Advantage plan and go back to Original Medicare.