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Your Free Medicare Kit Includes;


Medicare Choices Made Easy: This simple guide will enlighten you on insurance options such as Medicare Supplements, Part D, & Advantage Plans; All so you can make good choices. Also includes a Cheatsheet that answers important questions.

Medicare Tour: Helpful emails delivered to your inbox weekly. Takes you through the Medicare landscape showing you the important areas so you’re well informed.

Benefit & Rate Comparison: Get comparison rates for top plans and insurance providers in your area.  Know the costs and see who can provide you with the best coverage & rates.  

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In This Kit You’ll Discover;

  • How to get extra benefits with Medicare such as dental & vision and pay $0 extra for them.

  • How to consistently limit your medical costs to between $0 and approximately $198 annually.

  • The most important, often overlooked, reason to have a Medicare Supplement.

  • What are Medicare Supplements, Advantage Plans, & Part D? How do they differ?

  • What to expect in terms of costs for Medicare & Supplemental Insurance.

And much more!

Did you know that you have choices with Medicare?

Did you know that the right choices can help you have more financial security, peace of mind, and access to quality healthcare?

We’re talking about Medicare Supplements, Part D, and Medicare Advantage plans.

These are the 3 main types of coverage that go with Medicare and can help you fill the “gaps.”

If you don’t know what these “gaps” are, they are costs that you have to pay out of pocket.

Things like deductibles, co-insurance, and prescription costs not covered by Medicare.

Plus, they help with the many other things not covered by Medicare.

So, the question is; What are these plans and how do they work?

How do they compare with each other?  And, most importantly, which type of insurance is best for me?

This free information answers all of these questions and more making it easy to understand your

options and make good choices.

About Us

We are a licensed, independent insurance agency that specializes in supplemental Medicare plans. These include; Medicare Supplements, Part D, Medicare Advantage, Dental & Vision.  Located in Austin, Texas, we provide services in every corner of the state online and by phone.  It’s our mission to help improve the lives of Texans on Medicare and make a difference in communities.  We do this by educating, advising, and offering quality insurance plans.    

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