Medicare Advantage and Tricare?

Learn everything you need to know about your options to make your best choices. Discover plans created for Tricare that can lower your Medicare cost while giving you more benefits.

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Medicare Advantage Comparison: Get Info on the top plans available in your zip code, including options created specifically for Veterans & Retired Military. Learn the pros & cons and compare with Traditional Medicare to make your best choices.

Medicare For Heroes: Do you have or are you starting Medicare with Tricare? Medicare is a journey, but it’s also a confusing jungle. You need a tool to help you along the way. This guide de-clutters and simplifies everything you need to know, so that in a matter of minutes, you’ll be on your way to conquering Medicare.

Bonus Guide Medicare Choices Made Easy: Learn about and make your best choices with Medicare. This simple guide will enlighten you on the “Parts” of Medicare including A & B, Supplements, Advantage, and Part D. 

In This Kit You’ll Discover;

Quality Medicare Advantage programs designed for those with Tricare benefits.

Plans that include Dental, Vision, Hearing, Gym and other extra benefits for zero extra cost.

Options that reduce your monthly cost of Medicare while giving you the extra benefits.

The Pros & Cons of Medicare Advantage and how it compares with Traditional Medicare.

Which plans your doctors and medical providers accept.

And much more!

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It’s easy to get lost in the Medicare Maze. Especially when most information is irrelevant to those with Military health benefits. Medicare For Heroes is provided by Lone Star Medicare LLC, a top independent agency located in Austin, TX. It is a free service created to help Veterans, Retired Military, and their families learn about and make the most of Medicare. Many are not aware of how Medicare works or that there are special programs created for those with Military health coverage. Our service teaches you the ins and outs, ultimately helping you save money and maximize your benefits.

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